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Kelly Myers - 5 ways to overcome your resistance to change blog

5 ways to overcome your resistance to change

At the beginning of the year I set myself a goal to go for a ...
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How much does SEO cost? Kelly Myers blog

How much does SEO really cost?

8 things you need to know about SEO pricing “How much should my business invest ...
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what's SEO Copywriting?

What’s an SEO Copywriter? And why should you care?

With attention spans at an all time low, it’s a feat that you’re even reading ...
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kelly myers - conscious business blog

3 reasons why blogging is good for your conscious business

Both my Grandparents are teachers - their favourite sayings are.. “You don’t know what you ...
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How to promote your business without discounts

How to promote your business without using discounts

In my first corporate role as an account manager I sold software solutions. Discounts up ...
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3 easy steps to stop procrastination

It’s never easy to start something new and in the age of distraction it’s easier ...
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kelly myers blog - earth day 2018

3 ways software can help your business go green this Earth Day

You know, it really is the small things that matter the most. Yet sometimes change ...
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Facebook live

Figuring it out: everything you need to know about Facebook “split screen” interviews

For a while now I’ve been wanting to venture into the wonderful world of Facebook ...
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5 reasons your vegan business needs a vision statement

Want to reach your desired destination? You need a vision statement. Two people decide to ...
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