For a while now I’ve been wanting to venture into the wonderful world of Facebook live “split screen” conversations in my community The Careporation Collective.

So I decided to start today by inviting a guest on to talk about the role of empathy in website design.

But like all great ideas, it didn’t initially go to plan.

No I didn’t forget to pay my Wi-Fi bill and yes I do work in digital marketing.

Yet it took 3 attempts, a few laughs and lots of patience to get this video up and going (and this is coming from someone who worked in tech for 10 years).

When the dust settled, here’s what I learnt…

Practice patience

So the problems started when I decided to launch my live on my business page.

Facebook bots, if you’re listening… please fix this!

It seems crazy that you can’t have conversations like this on a business page.

Imagine my face when I realised the live couldn’t happen on the page that I’d been promoting the conversation would take place on…

Yep THAT look.

But that’s entrepreneurial life, and things rarely go to plan ESPECIALLY in real time.

My advice is to make light of it, and try and remember it’s not the end of the world!

[bctt tweet=”Don’t let a few little bumps in the road stop you from moving forward, try and try again, but don’t give up! There is always a solution even if it takes time to find it. As long as you do that’s all that counts. #businesstips #kellymyers #facebook” username=”@kellymyers444″]

Use your mobile for Facebook live!

Another discovery I made is that, unfortunately, you can’t use Facebook live on your computer as of yet.

So make sure both parties have their mobiles at the ready.

Get in the right position

When you’re ready to roll, put your phone on landscape mode i.e. hold it/stand it horizontally.

That way, you can both be seen side to side, rather than your guest appearing like a tiny blip in the corner (because let’s face it, nobody wants to be that guest)

Go live from your personal page

Unfortunately you can only do Facebook live split screens from your personal page or in a group  with the only exception of high profile influencers which Facebook was quick to remind me I am not.

Relax, breathe and be yourself

I know it’s hard to ‘be yourself’ when you’re “going live”, but people want to see the real you and you will be more likely to build trust with your community if you let them see you. Quirks and all.

Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed this experience because it gave a real life insight into what it’s like to try things out for the first time.

Also, that dynamic and energy then transferred in to the interview I had (which I highly recommend you watch!)

All in all split screen interviews on Facebook are an amazing way to connect with your community and have great conversations about the things that matter most to you.

Social media really does have the power to unite us and connect us.

I know it can feel scary at first but once you push through the fear and do it anyway, it’s actually quite fun.

I guess like anything in life, it’s all about taking the time to figure it out.

Now, I’d love to hear from you, have you done a split screen interview yet?

What lessons have you learnt?

Drop a comment and let me know!

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