It’s official. Your long-form content is more likely to be read by a goldfish than a human. With their 9 second concentration span now exceeding our measly 8. So unless your ideal clients live in a pond, you better make sure your content gets straight to the flipping point. (sorry, bad joke).

In this article I’ll cover:

  • what ‘dense content’ is
  • why it’s an important SEO factor
  • how you can create your own

What’s dense content?

It’s content that focuses on solving your reader’s problems quick fast. No fluff. Just relevant text that’s worth your reader moving their eyeballs across. It should give your target audience a feeling that it was all worthwhile. Kind of like how your favourite takeaway does when it arrives hot and on time.

Why is dense content good for SEO?

TL;DR” are four letters you don’t want to see in response to your content. It means “too long didn’t read”. And given SEO is all about providing quality content to your readers. It makes sense to answer your reader’s problems in as short a time frame as possible.

Here’s 5 easy ways to structure your dense content:

Start with a summary  

Begin with a paragraph that summarises what your readers can expect to learn. This will help them decide whether it’s worth their time to continue reading on.

Break down your text with bullet points

These days, nobody likes to be hit with a wall of words. It can seem a little overwhelming. Quite simply, bullet points help to break down useful information so it’s easy for your readers to digest.

Here’s some examples of content that works in bullet point form:

  • The benefits of what you provide
  • The promise you’re making to your audience
  • The reasons your ideal clients should believe you

Include imagery

getting to the finish line As the saying goes, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” Not only does visual content drive more engagement, but pictures are likely to be remembered too. So if you want to get your reader’s over the finish line, then an Infographic is a good place to start.

The likes of Canva and Venngage have templates for you to create your own.

Not only are Infographics liked and shared on social media 3x more as any other kind of content.

They’re also proven to:

  • Reduce boredom
  • Increase engagement
  • Be easier to understand than simple text

Create relevant content

With your reader’s concentration dwindling by the millisecond, it’s crucial to create content that solves their problems. So focus on creating benefit driven content and be upfront about how you can help.

Break your content up into several posts

If your content is relevant and of interest, people will read it. And luckily, with things like Facebook’s tag option, it’s now easier than ever to revert back to posts.

All in all, dense content is about giving your ideal client’s valuable information that’s easy to digest.

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