Here are my three steps to creating brand loyalty through great copywriting.

Congratulations, you’ve scored another customer! But how do you ensure they keep coming back to you? In any competitive marketplace, repeat business can feel like a difficult challenge.

#1 Personalise

Being able to speak straight to your customer is powerful. It allows you to communicate your brand message to the people most likely to take action. Tapping into their needs will allow you to tailor your content to that fix their problems. There’s a few ways you can do this both on and offline:

– Newsletter

Cost-effective and easy to distribute, Newsletters are a great way to persuade opinion formers. A simple sign-up form not only allows you to create a database of clients. It acts as a way for you to remind your customer’s that they still need you.

– Blog

 A great way to keep your customers engaged with your brand is by keeping a blog. This helps to keep your business front and centre of your customer’s buying journey. It’s also your opportunity to express your brand’s personality. (PS: websites that have a regular blog enjoy better Google rankings)

– Social Media

Social media is a positive way to interact with your customers online. Take advantage of the opportunity to find out what your customer’s have to say about your business. This will generate valuable insights that can help you develop an effective content strategy.

#2 Incentivise

Don’t worry, this isn’t about being desperate or undervaluing your business. Quite the opposite. It’s your opportunity to show your customers you offer something nobody else’s does. Give them a reason to promote their experience with you. (PS: people like free stuff!)

Here’s three freebies you could try:

–       E-Book – Encourage engagement by providing a downloadable E-Book from your website.

–       Offer a discount this helps to create urgency. Make a flyer that has a limited offer.

–       Loyalty Scheme – if it’s good enough for Starbucks it’s good enough for us. A proven way to keep your customers returning is my providing offers in return for their loyalty. Why not develop one that excites your customers?

#3 Be Pro-Active

Show your customers you care about what happened after the point of sale. By encouraging feedback, you will be able to make tweaks to improve your service. This ties back in to personalising the service. You could create a review page or offer an after-care service, even if just a short email follow-up or text. Gestures like this make the world of difference to your buyers.

These simple yet effective steps will help keep your customers growing with you.

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