With attention spans at an all time low, it’s a feat that you’re even reading this.

Information is flowing at a rapid rate, meaning you have a very small window to grab your audience’s attention.

This is why hiring a website copywriter is a key business investment.

A great copywriter is able to convey your core messaging so it resonates and drives a specific action.

Now you’d think hiring a website copywriter would be as simple as finding someone with these skills.

But that’s not true.

A copywriter can be great at:

  • writing a compelling headline
  • clear call to action
  • benefit-driven content

But they’re not a qualified website copywriter if they don’t understand SEO.

Working with a website copywriter that doesn’t know SEO is like hiring a social media manager who doesn’t understand Facebook advertising.

Or a website designer, who doesn’t have graphic design skills.

You just wouldn’t do it.

Instead, you’d be better off spending your money on vegan donuts.

So what’s an SEO Copywriter?

A copywriter who sees your website as a critical business asset.

This may seem obvious, but not every copywriter understands the importance of a website in running a sustainable business.

Especially if they don’t understand the digital space.

More than something that looks pretty, a successful website needs to do one key thing – convert.

That starts and ends with giving your audience a great experience.

After all, your website is your unpaid salesperson, representing your brand 24/7. So it needs to work for you.

An SEO Copywriter understands this and works for you with this goal in mind.

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Beyond copywriting

The ultimate goal of non-digital copywriting is to connect with your audience so they feel compelled to take action.

For an SEO Copywriter though, there’s other goals that need to be achieved, like:



Just like people, Google needs to read your website so it understands where to rank it and for what search terms.

But unlike people, Google can only read text.

Lengthy streams of consciousness won’t engage your readers nor Google.

Your SEO Copywriter works to overcome this by making sure:

  • your sentences aren’t too long
  • you don’t use a passive voice
  • your paragraphs are to the point

All of which can improve your audience engagement and Google rankings.

2. Structure

What is SEO Copywriting?

If you want people to take action, you need to make information easy to access.

This means structuring your copy so it guides people towards the next logical step (I.e to sign-up to a newsletter or make a purchase)

For example, don’t banish your About Us into a dark corner of your footer, place it in your top menu navigation so it’s front and centre.

This is just one area in which an SEO Copywriter can offer their expertise.

Informational architecture, crawlability (the ability for Google’s bots to search your website) and user experience are all things that your SEO Copywriter will factor in when they create the structure of your website copy.

Often, something as simple as a navigation tweak, can have a big impact on the success of your website.

Your SEO Copywriter is an expert in triaging these issues and finding a resolution for you.

3. Keywords

Unlike copy written for a billboard or flyer, SEO Copywriting needs to be created with specific keywords in mind.

These are the words or phrases your audience Google when they’re searching from products and services like yours.

For example, “vegan donuts” or more specifically “vegan donuts Melbourne” would bring up results of cafes and shops selling vegan donuts.

One mistake people often make with website copy is to think you can simply “stuff” keywords into your website copy so Google picks it up.

In the industry it’s known as “black hat” and can in fact work against you and your website’s rankings.

After all, the goal with SEO Copywriting is to give your audience a great experience and trying to “cheat the system” isn’t going to help you achieve your goals.

An SEO Copywriter does keyword research to gather the words and phrases used by your audience to find your website on Google.

They will weave these keywords into your website copy and will also create your:

  • title tags
  • meta descriptions
  • alt tags (image descriptions).

All of which help Google read your website and rank it in the search results.

All in all, an SEO Copywriter is the only kind of website copywriter that can guarantee your website is visible to your audience and most importantly, that it converts.

Now over to you, what’s been your experience with hiring a website copywriter? And how has it helped you achieve your goals?

Pop a comment, I’d love to know.

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