Here’s some motivation to get your blog off the ground

“The feeling’s mutual” said Google to the reader.

“That’s the 5th person today that’s taken time out of their busy schedule to find out about the latest vegan fashion trends.”

It’s true.

When people love a blog they will:

– read it

– share it with their homies

even comment

And when people show love, Google does too.

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You remember Huff post, right?

Originally a blog, it was sold to AOL FOR $315M in 2011 and now makes Ariana and her crew around $14m per month.

Pretty decent passive income if you ask me!

But how does this even happen? Surely that’s just a one off, right?

Yet if millions can be made from creating a blog, then what’s to say a couple of friendly Facebook shares and comments can’t be achieved?

Yet and still

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After all, 43% of people say they skim blog posts.

So it can feel hard, almost impossible, to imagine anyone being bothered to visit your humble website to read that blog you’ve been eager to share.

You know the blog I’m talking about

Yep, that one.

[bctt tweet=”You know the blog I’m talking about. Yep, that one. Why blog? Find out the real reason here: #whyblog #kellymyers” username=”@kellymyerscopy”]

The one you’ve proofread 3 times then asked:

Will anyone get my sarcasm?

Am I being too opinionated?

What if I alienate people my revealing my inner quirks and talking too much about my bunnies?

Ok, enough about my pre-blog fears.

But if I could share one thing I’ve learnt from 18 months of blogging, it’s this:

[bctt tweet=”“If you do decide to take a leap of faith and post that blog, it’s likely no one will read it” Why blog? find out here: #whyblog #kellymyers” username=”@kellymyerscopy”]

In fact, you could write 3 or maybe 5 or 6 blogs that nobody reads.

But I guarantee that’s a good thing.

Here’s why.

When you start to blog, it’s like waking up a dormant muscle.

Nobody starts out by being an amazing blogger. And anyone that tells you otherwise owes you a big fat apology in the form of a sweet vegan treat.

Because like any new skill, it takes time to learn and find a rhythm that suits you and your personality.

Some refer to this as a practice in being patient.

So treat your website blog as the perfect training ground for developing your brand voice.

In time it’ll help you express your “why” more coherently.

Plus, once you warm up to blogging, the creative process becomes more enjoyable and natural for you and your readers.

And in time, people will start to pay attention.

From here your confidence will grow. Your true voice will shine through.

And this is when people will start to pay attention to you and your brand.

But before you start, let’s get one thing straight:

“Blogging was never about putting words on a web page for Google to read”

[bctt tweet=”The internet is good at lots of things like reminding you of your friend’s birthday. And giphs. But it can’t blog for you. #whyblog Find out here:” username=”@kellymyerscopy”]

But as of yet, it can’t transport your personality into someone else’s body who has never met you. (Although that would make for a great script – Netflixs hola!)

I get it, it’s tempting to outsource your blog to someone who knows what a keyword is and isn’t afraid to use them in disproportionate amounts.

But unless you want to be featured in “100 blogs that no one reads”, then it’s probably best to spend that money on a new moisturiser.

Your reader wants to find out about you.

So take a leap of faith, and let them in.

After all, how else can you gain their loyalty if you don’t offer your honesty in return?

So why blog?

  • It’s a place to voice your opinions, thoughts and feelings
  • It’s an opportunity to educate, empower and entertain your audience
  • It helps your readers get to know you, which builds trust
  • It helps you gain a better understanding of your audience
  • It gets organic traffic to your website which people and Google love

In other words, there’s plenty of great reasons to start your blog.

So dig out that draft and press the publish button.

And if you’re feeling brave, share your blog in the comments below.

Nice blogging with you.

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