Every word counts

Your website is your most valuable unpaid salesperson

But is it working for you?

After all, short attention spans are your enemy.

This means your website copy needs to hit the mark - fast.

Otherwise, your hard earned website visitors will slip through your fingers never to be seen again.

Your business simply can’t afford to lose leads and sales because your website copy is a snoozefest.

The only way to make your website work is if your copy:

  • Connects
  • Inspires
  • Converts

Otherwise you won’t break down the digital barriers that separate you from your ideal audience.

But having a website that resonates with people on an emotional level is just one piece of the puzzle.

The truth is, you can write great copy for your website but this will all be in vain if no one can find your business.

With 70% of customers starting their buying journey on Google, you need your business to show up when people need you.

This is where search engine optimised (SEO) copywriting comes in

Quite simply, it’s website copy created for people and Google.

It’s designed to drive your visitors to take a specific action whilst also ensuring your website ranks well in Google’s organic search results.

In addition to customer-focused website copy, it includes:

  • Keyword research to uncover your audiences search phrases
  • Competitive analysis so you understand what businesses your up against in the organic search results
  • Title tag creation so Google can easily index your web pages
  • Attention-grabbing meta descriptions to increase click through rates from Google to your website
  • Strong calls to action that support your business goals

Ready for your website copy to have a positive impact on your ideal audience?